Seminal Sounds interviews Minnesota’s Kodene

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to interview the highly diverse producer/DJ named Kodene. Hailing from Minnesota with roots in Florida and a brief stint in Kentucky, Kodenes’ style is quite diverse. With influences ranging from Heavy Metal to straight up Techno it’s evident in Kodenes’ work that he has numerous skills.

Kodene has been busy working on an EP that will be released soon including a number of never before heard tracks in a variety of genres so make sure to keep an eye out for that both on Seminal Sounds and his facebook page.

Using Fruity Loops is probably something that Kodene could literally do in his sleep. He’s been using it for years, and it’s evident when you listen to his tunes and don’t think to yourself ‘yup, this was produced in Fruity Loops’. He’s a prime example that it really doesn’t matter what DAW you use if you have skills.

Here are three of Kodene‘s most recent works for you to listen to, and download for free. They high quality WAV files for your enjoyment!

Check out the interview with Kodene below and be sure to follow his soundcloud and facebook page to get the latest tunes from him. And don’t forget to watch out for his full length EP coming out soon that’ll include some special guests too!

What’s your DJ Name?

If you don’t mind us publishing it, give us your real name too.
Torre Schmitt

Are you Single, Married, Divorced?
Married to my lovely wife Molly. We actually met at a DNB night at Club OTC in Pensacola. I’m pretty sure Gridlok was playing that night.

What’s your favorite food?
Mexican and Thai. Mexican because it’s the food of my people (lol) and Thai because I love Asian food and Thai steps it up with their use of red curry and coconut milk. My fave dish of all-time is Chicken Panang.

What’s your favourite movie or what movie have you seen recently that you really like?
I just watched this Japanese horror flick called “Grotesque” which was pretty dope. Gore, violence and weird perverted shit that you can only find in Asian cinema.

Do you game? if so what games do you play?
I’m on Steam often. Usually I’m playing Krater, Doom 3, Dead Space 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor, MW3, Bastion, Burnout Paradise, AVP and AZMD.  I’m also known to be playing Diablo 3, Blacklight: Retribution, The Secret World, Spec Ops: the Line, Sniper Elite V2 and Street Fighter VS Tekken.

That’s cool man. What are your gamertags so we can add you?
On steam I use “dead_babies” and on other gaming platforms I’m known as one of the following names “hellreaper”, “elCooCooi” and “theMeatgrinder”. Add me and I’ll kick your ass, I promise!

What’s your favourite brand of shoes, are you into kicks?
I like Adio, ADIDAS, Puma, Etnies.

Do you read any magazines or online blogs religiously? if so which ones?
DNB Arena, Knowledge (Kmag), DOA, Game Informer, Kotaku.

Do you read reddit? what’s your favourite subreddit if so?
Nope I’m more into Tumblr and 4chan.

Cool! What’s your tumblr?
It’s NSFW so be warned before clicking my tumblr link! LOL

Got any pet peeves?
Drunk people that feel the need to have a convo with you an inch or less from your face. That and hipsters. They really fucking irk me.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Yeah the wife and I watch the “Real Housewives” pretty regularly. shit’s pretty ridiculous but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

How old are you? Where were you born?
I’m 30 and I was born in White Bear Lake, MN, USA.

What’s your astrological sign
I’m an Aries.

Do you have any cool hobbies we should know about?
I design and print t-shirts, both silkscreen and heat-press. My wife and I also work with an animal rescue taking in homeless cats and dogs.

Where did you grow up? where do you live now? anywhere you want to move to next?
I grew up in and around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area as well as out in Buffalo until my senior year when my family moved down to Florida. After I graduated I moved back to Minneapolis, got into some shit, then moved down to Orlando for a year and got into some shit and went to Kentucky. Got into some shit in Kentucky and went back to Pensacola for like 6 years and then moved back up to Minnesota where we’ve been for the past 5 years.

Can you talk about what kind of shit you got into in Florida and Kentucky?
Haha yeah. In Florida I got arrested at Downtown disney for smoking weed right outside the on-site cop-shop. then my buddy from Monticello, MN came down there and lived with me and got busted in my car getting 3 lbs of weed for our landlord so the feds tried to raid my apartment but I told them to fuck off and come back with a warrant so that night me and my boy Ant packed up and cleaned every surface in my apt and booked to Kentucky with 3 lbs of weed, 300 beans and an oz of yay to Cumberland College in Williamsburg where our coke hookup had a cousin attending. So we kicked it in the dorms there and partied and sold dope and got the local girls blowing up on X and interested in some tattooed up “bad boys” haha! But yeah one night we were real drunk and back then I had a fucking hair-trigger temper and I loved to scrap but somebody said something I don’t even remember what and I jumped on the hood of some guys brand new Ford Mustang and caved the windshield in with my head.  Next morning I woke up in Jail, got my shit and booked it down to Pensacola to go stay with my mom who fuckin’ made me meet her at Wal-Mart to make sure nobody was “after me” lol.

Where have you always wanted to travel to or visit?
Japan, shit looks dope. I’d run around all of Japan sampling every kind of cuisine. I’d also see what the kids over there are in to and what their subcultures are like.

Besides music, are you involved in any other types of art?
Yeah I’m a professional tattoo artist of 11 years, I have a degree in graphic design, I paint, draw, do graff art, make digital art, etc…

What’s your thoughts on controllerism?
I like it. I don’t think that vinyl should be regarded as obsolete but I also don’t believe that we should omit the technological advances that have been made in the music production and DJing industry for the sake of maintaining some puritanical “image”.

Any horror stories about an event or club you were invited to?
Yeah.  At my mom’s crib in Pensacola LOL! I had a house party there back when I was still doing my tattoo apprenticeship with damn near everybody I knew and then some. So I left the shop at the end of the day to head home to get setup when to my surprise the party had already started. I knew I was pretty well fucked when I saw the line of cars coming out of the gated community we lived in as well as the numerous cop cars going in. Even with the police there the party kept going for another 2 hours until a buddy of mine got in a fight with Ram-Z from nightbreed and then the cops broke it up. There were cars parked in every one of our neighbor’s yards with some even getting stuck because of the mud which completely demolished their yard.  Myself and a bunch of my friends even went and popped their tires and beat in their windshields after we found out that they wrecked my neighbor’s yard on purpose. The house got pretty fucked up too because of the fight which left quite a few huge holes in the walls. I still fucking hear about that party to this day.

What’s your favourite city to play in?
Pensacola. Because it’s home. There’s gorgeous beaches, the ocean and it’s fucking warm and sunny!

If you could only have 2 pieces of equipment what would they be?
My computer and my midi controller.

Do you have a day job? or is dj’ing your sole profession?
Yeah I tattoo, I do freelance design work and I make commissioned audio samples for various projects.

Where have you always dreamed of playing but never been able to (yet)
I have Lots :). Innovation in the Sun, Fabric, Ibiza, Japan, New Zealand, Australia.

What are your thoughts on this whole ‘new dj’s just press play’ debate?
Yeah there are “DJ’s” out there that just press play and let the sync button do all the work but that whole lack of involvement shows in their work and most fans/listeners can pick up on that. Generally DJ’s like that have a very short shelf-life in this industry.

Do you have a favorite venue?
OTC & Bedlam’s in Pensacola because they’re two of the few places that regularly host DNB DJ’s.

What are you working on lately?
I’m working on a few things lately;

Some new Gabba/Terrorcore, DNB, Jump-Up, Trapstep and Breaks
Mixes: Terrorcore, Trapstep/Drumstep, DNB and Jump-Up

Anyone you’ve been listening to a lot of lately?
Figure, DJ Muggs‘ new shit, 2db, Tantrum Desire, Omar Santana‘s new shit, Bare, Datsik, Excision, Downlink, D.O.M.’s Rhythm in the box (destroyer rmx) and Detest.

Who are your influences?
Cypress Hill, DMX, the Prodigy, Crystal Method, Aphex Twin, AK 1200, Dara, Dieselboy, Aphrodite, Omar Santana, Lenny Dee, DJ Skinhead, DJ Predator and Tech Itch.

Do you read books? Which ones?
I read a few eComics like 30 days of night, The Darkness, Hellraiser, Crossed, Hack/Slash and American Wasteland.

Do you run any events or are you part of promoting any?
Kimchi Disco!

What types of music do you produce or spin most often?
Tech-Step/Jump-Up Drum and Bass and Trapstep.

Anything you’d like to get into?
I’d like to do more with Gabba/Terrorcore.

Cool, not many people in North America are into Gabba/Terrorcore these days, where do you think the scene is at now and where will it go in North America? Think it’s coming back?
Yeah as far as the Terrorcore scene it’s still alive, maybe not as much in the U.S. but in the UK and Germany and other parts of the world its alive and kicking. Yeah I think it’s coming back, I’m seeing a lot of the Godfathers of Hardcore/Gabba like Lenny Dee, Omar Santana, DJ Skinhead, DJ Predator (basically everybody over at Industrial Strength Records) steering back in that direction now that Dubstep and the like are kinda kitsch now.

How can you be contacted?

Phone: 850 624 9559

What’s your soundcloud URL?

What’s your facebook URL?

What’s your twitter username?

Do you have a link on beatport or juno or somewhere we can buy your music?
Yup, I have various outlets available for people to purchase my tunes;

Any other promotional information we should include?
You should also check out my House Mixes profile and my Reverbnation profile too.


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